My experience as a Marketing Assistant for the 1912 Club

Good energy goes a long way and makes working with the team so much more enjoyable.
Hello! My name Conor McGrath and I am currently a senior Advertising major at Temple University. I have been interning at the 1912 Club as a marketing assistant. The 1912 Club is a Golf and Country Club located in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania. I have enjoyed working there so far. My job as a marketing/social media assistant includes various different responsibilities.

The main responsibility I have is creating social media posts on the Club’s Instagram account. I mostly post pictures of the course and the clubhouse and restaurant. The purpose of this is to promote upcoming events and get the members more interested and involved with the Club’s events. I also work on creating digital flyers for special events and activities for the members. The image above is one of the flyers that I created for a special event every Thursday that the Club is putting on.

Another very fun part of the job is meeting new potential clients. At the 1912 Club, we host many weddings and luncheons. People do not need to be members to reserve our spaces for their events. Recently, I was tasked with doing a walk-through showing with a potential client and learning how to try and sell our space one on one was very nerve-racking but a great experience. I really enjoyed working with all of the employees there as well.

The next role I will be pursuing at this internship is online advertising for our venue. We already have a budget for getting our venue on websites that people use to find a place they want to hold an event; however, we are starting to look into alternative channels to promote the 1912 Club and reallocate the money used for that into advertising another way.

Good people you get to work with is an important part of enjoying your experience at an internship. For me, everyone was very kind and willing to help me if needed and also very willing to teach me the way things work there. My boss Jess was very relaxed and has taught me a lot so far. I did not really know too much about working in a role like this and she really helped to teach me and work with me to be better.

My advice for anyone who is starting an internship or looking for one is to not be afraid to ask questions and be very enthusiastic about learning and working there. Good energy goes a long way and makes working with the team so much more enjoyable. We are interns for a reason and it is ok not always have the answer, work on forming good relationships with the people you are working with and they will be more than willing to help solve the problems and challenges that you will face.

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