Hi! My name is Hanna Merendino and this semester I had the pleasure of completing my internship at a vintage store called Two Percent to Glory in Fishtown, Philadelphia. As a senior entering my spring semester, I still felt a bit lost as to where I wanted to intern, but I did know I wasn’t fit for a typical agency. I reached out to a few stores and brands based in Philadelphia that I admired, and Sarah, my boss, invited me to meet with her and discuss the help the needed. I immediately fell in love with the store and the idea of working there alongside her. She has been such a great mentor, and I hope that we stay in contact and working together for a long time after this semester.

I’ve always been interested in working in the fashion industry, but I wasn’t sure how to get started. Sarah has so much valuable, teachable experience that has shown me more than anything I can learn online. It was such a special thing to be able to learn from her one-on-one and witness how she runs her small business by herself. I created mood boards for the Instagram, took photos of nearly every piece of clothing we have, and uploaded and named them on the website (which has yet to be published). I was given so much creative control over what I was working on, and I even had plans to run my own Instagram account for the store and selling clothing directly from there.

Because the semester ended so abruptly, and I had to return to my hometown away from Philadelphia, I wasn’t able to finish all of the things we had started, and there was so much more I wanted to learn. I appreciate everything that I was taught and the guidance I was given. This position has inspired me so much. This experience has shown me the industry I want to work in, and I have more knowledge regarding the work I hope to do moving forward.