My experience at MOD

I am about 5 weeks into my graphic design internship at MOD Worldwide, an advertising agency in Center City. My name is Brynn and I am in my Junior year majoring in Advertising-Art Direction track. This is my first internship and real life “job” outside of the restaurant business. I have learned a lot about what goes into art directing at an agency and how to manage and organize the work of numerous clients. I have created a ton of work samples and have learned how to properly use space and dimension in order to appeal to the client. I have also learned how to act in an office environment because I have never worked in one before and how to use the fancy coffee machine. I have also seen how serious deadlines are in the real world and how difficult clients can be when they want things to be a certain way. However I am a people pleaser so I still would like to continue in the Art Direction and do graphic design. I am being taught more about design programs that will help me with my future career and how to successfully campaign for companies and projects. Some positive aspects I have discovered at MOD was the organization and teamwork of the employees. Daily staff meetings brought conversation and confirmation every morning about who needs to do what and what needs to get done. Some employees also work together or help each other on projects to make sure that the best work is executed. I have met designers and art directors who have inspired me and taught me to keeps calm and professional and if you work hard you can get your best work done. This experience is not what I thought it would be. Since I have never worked in an agency before I honestly did not know what to expect and it is very small and has a close-knit group of employees, which I do not mind because although I thought I’d be in a larger agency like Mad Men or something, I like that I know everyone’s names and their positions and they all know my name. I do not wish that I had done anything differently because I believe I am getting the real life experience that I need and am getting a glimpse into a very hard working, small company. Some specific things I have learned so far include searching for appropriate stock photos for client work, creating samples of work to specific template format, how to organize files to the company server, and a bunch of other stuff. Overall it has been a pretty solid experience and I really enjoy everyone who works there.


Here is a link to a film on some of MOD’s work:

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