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Seems like I’ve come a long way from when I first started my internship in December 2012 to where I am now. I began an internship where my position was Social Media Marketer. I helped with all aspects of starting the sites and making them live so once it was over I thought it would be a piece of cake because it’s social media and who doesn’t love and use social media anyway? Well the problem with social media, as many people know, is that it is pretty addicting! I would spend a lot of time searching on the web for articles and relevant news that related to my company to put on the Facebook and Twitter sites. Then, I would actually put up the posts and tweets in a timely matter. Since it was a new Facebook and Twitter, I became obsessed with checking to see how many new friends or followers we would get – to a point where I would be doing another task but every five seconds I wanted to click back over and see how people saw the posts or how many new people are using our site. It started to become distracting!

Since I was already always on social media, that made me want to open my own sites as well plus with the mixture of endless complimentary coffee my hyper-ness would keep me on the sites excessively! I realized I did enjoy the building of the social media sites itself and also sporadically checking in on the new followers and interactions however it made me realize that I do not want to spend my days on the social media sites all day. From there I changed around the type of work I was assigned to so now I do a lot more of the planning aspects to new projects, which I really enjoy! Social media is always fun but the constant looking at a screen of people talking to each other started to not be for me. However, this was a great thing to find out.

Now I get to work on things that interest me that I didn’t think did before, and I also spend less time on my own social media accounts. But don’t get me wrong, I still love tweeting and posting pictures!

You can check out some of my work right at the link below!



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  1. Hey Alison. That’s awesome. I love social media too have have been fortunate to intern in social media at a few agencies in Philadelphia. Do you plan on working in that field in the future?

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