My Fall Internship at DMAX Foundation

Non-profits have always interested me because of their meaning and willingness to help.

This semester I had the opportunity to intern at a small Pennsylvania non-profit called DMAX Foundation. DMAX Foundation’s main focus is to make conversations that matter. They started back in 2013 after the suicide of the founders’ son Dan. They do this by starting DMAX Clubs across college campuses across the US that allow students to discuss their feelings and not feel alone. By doing this students can come together and put an end to the stigma of mental health by being open about how they really feel.

At this internship I learned a lot about marketing, specifically from the prospective of a small non-profit. Non-profits have always interested me because of their meaning and willingness to help. I think DMAX as a brand is something to be admired for their desire to help people who may not feel like they can talk about their problems. I think that’s something everyone can relate to and want to advocate for. One thing I learned while working at DMAX is that every company/non-profit starts somewhere. DMAX maybe a small company but it continues its growth. Working with my advisor, Sue Kravitz, has also taught me a lot about working in marketing and her years of work have inspired me.

I would definitely be interested in working for more non-profits, I always knew that was something I wanted. I like the idea that a company’s point is to help rather than profit. I had different expectations for the internship because I thought I would be able to get a feel for a big non profit but instead I learned more about smaller companies.

For interns thinking about interning for non-profits, understand what it’s like to work for a non-profit. It’s different from other companies that are able to gain more money.

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