My First Agency Internship

Although I've only been at Cohere for about two months now, I am getting so much experience.

Hello, my name is Ally Fisher and this semester I had the chance to intern at Cohere as their account management intern. Having just switched over from Communication Studies to Advertising within the last semester, I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my degree. I have had other internships, but none of them have helped me prepare for the real world of advertising like my one with Cohere has thus far. At Cohere I am responsible for working collaboratively with clients and internal teams to identify solutions for critical business issues within existing client relations. Getting the chance to interact with clients on a day to day basis is really helping me prepare for what I will be doing in the future. Although I’ve only been at Cohere for about two months now, I am getting so much experience.

A day at Cohere for me is filled with client meetings and keeping up with all the tasks that need to be don throughout the entire team. Usually, when I get there I meet with my supervisor and she explains what we have going on for that day. The days are usually filled with client and team meetings to discuss the future plans for getting the clients brand exactly where it wants to be. One of the clients that I am continually working on is a new restaurant by Schulson Collective called DK Sushi. It’s extremely satisfying knowing that when I started here they just started working on this project and I get to help them see it all the way through. I have been here for every step of the way, through the naming process and now the branding process. Being able to see a project all the way through from start to finish is amazing because you get to see all the bumps in the road. I have the chance to learn how to work through them all and still make sure that the client comes out happy. Cohere has taught me how to work on client relations and that we’re not always going to have an easy task on our hands. But, getting to see how the team works through these problems is really preparing me for what to expect for my future in an agency.

Not only is Cohere helping me gain the experience I need to get that entry level position they are also helping me decide if I want to stay in the small agency world or if I want to go corporate. Cohere is a very small agency that has local and domestic clients, understanding the way that a small agency works is important for whichever direction I choose to go in. Cohere is helping me prepare for problems that could occur in a small agency or at a corporate level.

So far my internship with Cohere has taught me so much more than I could have asked for. I am gaining the experience I need that will help me secure a job after graduation within whatever direction I choose to go in. Working in an agency that is so willing to help those going into the field learn more about what it takes to be successful in the workplace is inspiring me to work harder so I can achieve my goals.

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