My First In-Person Internship Experience with Law First Finance

In mid-August of 2021 I received a call from Tim Harner, President of Law First Finance. Tim wanted to discuss the possibility of me joining the Law First Finance team at their office in King of Prussia (only 20 minutes from where I live). I jumped at the opportunity and hoped to make a great first impression. I interviewed at their office in late August and we could all tell it would be a great match. I had the work ethic, personality, and desire to learn that they wanted in there office. Though I was inexperienced, they were happy to show me the ropes around the business that I have grown to cherish.

Law First Finance is a factoring company that seeks to help place their clients in better financial vehicles to help their futures. At Law First we help clients who have structured settlements access the payments from their settlements before they come due. We help clients who need the money for their payments in the near future because of financial hardship, prospects of buying a house, or getting them out of debt. In addition to helping them access the present-day value of their payments, we also can help our clients invest their settlement payments into a better financial vehicle then an annuity- which collects no interest. We are partnered with Edward Jones to help our clients see returns of at least 10% on their money annually. I was put on the team as a sales representative. As a sales representative my job responsibilities are to generate leads, contact leads, pitch to potential clients, and dig up documents on clients and potential clients.

In my job as sales representative my communication skills have gotten infinitely better. I excel at pitching how Law First can help any prospective client and I have even improved on my ability to pitch myself. This experience has been everything I thought it would be and more. It is my first in-person internship opportunity and I absolutely love it. This opportunity has provided me with great connections for future job possibilities. In addition to being my first in-person internship, it is also my first paid internship. being paid for my hours and being able to earn commission has helped me to become more passionate about my role with Law First. This experience has certainly changed me for the better and I will now be confident entering the workforce after graduation this coming December.

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  1. Please remove “We are partnered with Edward Jones to help our clients see returns of at least 10% on their money annually.”

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