My First Internship

After nearly four years of studying in the United States, I am excited to announce the commencement of my first professional internship, marking a significant milestone in my life. Join me in celebrating this achievement!

LinkedIn Posting

Before the commencement of this internship, I had merely established a LinkedIn account and updated basic user information; I had not made any posts. Subsequent to the initiation of the internship, I have been actively involved in crafting and editing content for various events the company has participated in, incorporating relevant captions and sharing accompanying photos on LinkedIn. Throughout this process, I have also acquired valuable knowledge, such as how to mention a user using “@,” as well as incorporating hashtags and tags.

While these may seem like simple operations, they can have a significant impact. Not only can this help promote the company’s brand, but it will also allow me to leverage these features in the future to make myself more visible on LinkedIn!

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