Hi everyone! My name is Odalys Sosa and I am a junior here at Temple University. I’m majoring in Advertising with a concentration in Account Management. I was a media intern at Harmelin Media, and I’ve gained so many new skills for my future career!

Harmelin is a strategic and data driven media agency. Some of their clients consist of Ford, Turkey Hill, Pet Armor and more. My first internship was at Harmelin Media as a media intern, which has taught me so many things about media in the advertising industry. I was able to be part of the Media Planning team and from the first day I jumped right into work. I was a little hesitant about being on the media planning team, because I wasn’t familiar with that specific area, but Harmelin taught me a great deal about media and the process. As a media intern, I had many hands-on opportunities to gain new skills such as creating flow charts and learning how to build connections with vendors/clients. I got the opportunity to work on different clients at the same time and worked with different people on my team. I joined different client meeting that allowed me to see how client relationships work. Everyone at Harmelin was very welcoming and taught me many valuable things. They were super helpful and answered all my questions I had. I am glad I had the opportunity to intern at Harmelin and be a part of their team.

Some tips I would give to first time interns are:
– Be open to learning and take in everything everyone wants to teach you
– Don’t be afraid to ask questions on a task you are given
– Keep in contact with the people you worked with