My Internship at Purplegator

How I was able to land an internship with Purplegator and ending up loving every minute of it!

This spring, I was given the opportunity to work with Purplegator as a Marketing Specialist.  Purplegator is a digital marketing agency that specifically focuses on mobile marketing.  I was immediately welcomed with open arms by an amazing staff.  What struck me about this small group is how incredibly enthusiastic and passionate they are about every project assigned, whether that is big or small. They are also extremely helpful, and understanding that I am an intern and do not have all the answers just yet.

Some daily tasks I complete would be a lot of database research, illustrations for social media graphics, and writing blogs. This is my first internship where I have been given the ability to write business blogs, so I’d say this is my favorite task to complete. Combining my love for writing and my love for creating illustrations has been so exciting for me. I’d say that my favorite blog to write was ‘Cannabis Marketing’, since this is a field I am interested in ultimately working in. Another thing I am very passionate about is social media management, so I have been given a handful of tasks for our socials, and our clients. I am doing pretty basic social media work at the moment, like hashtags for example, but am expected to take over more. The research I do is basic info for companies we are trying to recruit to work with Purplegator for all digital marketing needs.

Before finding this amazing opportunity, I was applying everywhere like a mad woman for months and starting to give up hope. As soon as I heard back from my boss, Bob Bentz, and browsed through their website I had a good feeling about it. Although I was bummed I did not get the internships I was previously obsessing over, I can truthfully say I have not learned more about digital marketing in my whole academic career and internships combined as I did with Purplegator. I am now hoping to continue my internship over the summer and hopefully be offered a full-time position in the future. So, what I am trying to convey is, don’t stress if you don’t immediately get offered the job or internship you thought that you needed. A much better offer is right around the corner, just keep searching for it.

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