My Internship Experience

My name is Dan Finke and I am a Temple advertising student focusing in art direction. Over the past several months I have had the unique opportunity to work on establishing a brand for a long established landscape and property maintenance company in Pennsylvania. Formerly known as Gemco, the company was established over thirty years ago as what started as a source of side income and flourished into a full time undertaking. As a result of this unplanned success Gemco would never grow to develop a brand identity which is where I come in. I have been tasked with establishing a company logo, tagline, and brand as a whole.

My experience working towards this goal has been interesting and not nearly as easy I had expected. My experience has taught me the heartbreak of bonding with ideas that the client does not take too as I had hoped, as well as the intricacies that are required to politely steer a client away from bad ideas. My experience working with Miller Property Services (Formerly Gemco) will not end with this internship as we have only just gotten the ball rolling and my help will be needed moving forward but I do somewhat wish I had sought out an internship in a more prestigious and professional setting. Working out of a cluttered back office and working along side individuals with little to no advertising or business experience was a bit of a shock as I had to sometimes explain things that i would consider to be industry standards and not usually worth mentioning. That said I do not take my experience for granted and because of it I have considerably increased my familiarity with wix and square space, sharpened up on my illustrator proficiency, and learned first hand just how hard it can be to develop a brand from scratch as well as what it can be like working one on one with a client. I feel that my time interning for Miller Property Services gave me as close a view of the free lance advertising experience as I have ever had with so much to accomplish resting almost solely on my shoulders.


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