My Internship Experience

My internship at DSG has shown me what road I want to begin to drive down.

I began my internship  at an advertising agency called  DSG on August 24th. Upon starting my internship I did not know what to expect. I have had other jobs that demand high amounts of responsibility but I was not sure how it would differ in the more corporate world. To my surprise it wasn’t much different. There are higher stakes at an advertising agency but the camaraderie is no different.

Mainly, this internship has shown me what road I want to begin to drive down. Before starting my internship I believed I wanted to be involved in something closer to social media marketing but now I understand how many avenues there truly are. I have shifted closer to Digital Out of Home and looking towards the future of out of home ads. As time went on, I had opportunities to talk to various employees and partners of DSG. Learning about everyone’s position and relationship towards DSG was also very eye opening as it let me peek into the machine and glance at the gears that keep everything moving.

While I get closer to the end of my internship I truly have no regrets except I wish I became more comfortable to ask more questions. I do believe I squeezed a lot out of the experience but theres always more knowledge to learn and I can use as much as possible. If I were to offer any advice to someone starting an internship I would say to ask questions and engage at every moment you can. This is a very unique time and place for yourself and getting the most out of it can only help you in the long run. The main concept I took away from this internship is always ask questions and offer ideas of your own. Everyone wants to succeed and your offering of knowledge can only increase that chance for everyone.

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