My internship experience at The Color Room!

Going into my internship at The Color Room, I was a little bit nervous I wouldn’t be prepared or have the knowledge to do as well as I wanted, but that was not the case. Everyone at TCR is so helpful and has done everything they can to make me feel comfortable and motivated in my position.

I’m especially inspired by the owner, Audriana, who built this salon from the ground up after she graduated from college. From her, I’ve been able to learn how to market a small business, but also the process of starting one. As someone who’s always been fascinated by the beauty industry, working in a salon while also being able to use the skills I’ve learned at Temple has been extremely eye-opening in terms of what career I want to pursue in the future.

One of the best parts about my internship is that I’m constantly able to be creative. My main role is to make posts for their social media and Aud loves seeing the different graphics and designs I come up with. I’m also able to make TikTok’s and other content for the salon, which is just another fun aspect of the job. It’s really neat that something I do almost everyday is a job that I could get paid for after I graduate!

As for students looking for internships, I know it can be extremely difficult to find one that actually interests you or involves something you’re actually passionate about. Instead of applying to a bunch of random businesses on LinkedIn, my advice would be to specifically search for companies, small businesses, or brands that you’re interested in. Do everything you can to get their attention and show them you’re the one that they should hire, even if that means sending a follow up email or reaching out via social media (but don’t be annoying). As a college student, you may have to lower your expectations and even accept an unpaid internship, but there are ways to work your way up and the experience is usually worth it.


  1. Hey Alex, This was such an enjoyable and fun post to read about your experience as an intern at the color room. That is so cool you got to work so closely with the owner and learn such invaluable tips from her. The graphic you used as the header image is what drew me to clicking on your article and it was very fascinating to see that YOU were the one who in fact created that for your internship. I can tell your future is bright. Thanks for sharing all the great tips on how to find an internship that matches our interests.

  2. Hi Alex, I really love the graphic you made it is so neat and you are talented! I myself was also very nervous starting my internship, but it looks like you are doing well!

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