My internship experience in a game company

I was an intern at a Chinese game company - because I love games very much, I also love this job.

Hi everyone, my name is Yuqian Xu. I am very happy to share my internship experience here. I was an intern at a Chinese game company – because I love games very much, I also love this job. My job is brand planning. My job is to find a third party to make derivative products for our company’s games, such as stage plays, peripheral products, or music albums. We need to increase the visibility of our company and games through these products.

I was very lucky to be involved in the production of the music album this time. Our official press conference is scheduled for mid-December. I am really really happy and excited. Because I started using this game when I was in high school, but I didn’t expect to be able to make albums for my favorite games when I was an adult. This feeling was really touching.

I also participated in many large and small activities during this month. From the tension at the beginning to the solution of many small problems, I think it is really a big improvement. I will go to our e-sports department after the internship. This has always been my dream. I like the League of Legends game very much and I am also yearning for this competition. Our company has a lot of business dealings with Tencent and Jiantou. I hope that someday in the future. I can really stand where I want to go and enjoy the working on more games.


  1. I know for sure when I was a kid I had a dream of working with a video game company so this was pretty cool to read. Having the opportunity to effect the outcome of an artistic choice that will be forever attached to a game is a pretty cool experience and I am a little jealous.

  2. Yu, what an incredible experience! It’s so cool that you’ve gotten your dream job so early in your career. Working on albums for video games must be very interesting. Especially with the pandemic, I think lots of people are turning to video games for comfort and an escape, and having a great soundtrack is a big part of the gaming experience. Good luck in the e-sports department!

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