My Semester as a Paperdoll

Hi everyone! This semester I have been working at Two Paperdolls which is a Letterpress Design House in Wayne. Two Paperdolls was started about ten years ago by my boss Vanessa Kreckel. Her dream was to continue designing while incorporating the clients’ unique characteristics into their own personal designed product. There are about fifteen employees here which makes it easy to get hands on experience in the different departments. I have been working the closest with the marketing and management departments, in which I often work with the company finances, manage our online sales through our website and Etsy site, keep Two Paperdolls updated in inventory and occurring events on our website and Facebook, while sometimes sitting in during client meetings as well.

The other two departments are the creative department and the production department. The creative department consists of the designers and the production department uses the letterpresses and produces the beautiful pieces of paper design that end up leaving the studio!

So far, I have definitely felt inspired by those around me and am constantly encouraged and welcomed within the company. There are so many talented employees there that I can definitely learn a lot from. Two Paperdolls has been a great experience!

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