My Senior-Year Internship: Everything I Could Have Asked For!

My name is Rachel, and I am the Social Media Manager for Temple University's Office of International Affairs.
You Are Welcome Here Week event, Two Minute Talks

Hello All!

My name is Rachel, and I am the Social Media Manager for Temple University’s Office of International Affairs (OIA). While I somehow managed not to be in ANY of the pictures taken at the event in the photo, I was in fact there, and the guy in the black pants (MinKyu) is a good friend of mine!

Temple University afforded me the life-changing opportunity to study abroad in South Korea. I had always loved history and world cultures, but that experience really changed the course of my life. I came back and started working as a Conversation Partner with the Writing Center, helping tutor international students with spoken English.

I loved the international students, and it was through the Writing Center that I heard of the OIA seeking a social media intern. I applied and was hired fairly quickly, since I had personal experience studying overseas and maintained a YouTube channel about my time there.

Not to be dramatic, but working for the OIA has been a dream. Since I have a combined concentration in copywriting and art direction, being the social media manager allows me to exercise both skills while connecting with an audience that I feel extremely passionate about.

Last week was our first You Are Welcome Here Week, named after the #YouAreWelcomeHere social media campaign that started HERE at Temple and quickly caught on fire across the nation. #YAWH lets all international students know that regardless of nationality, ethnicity, religion, culture, or background, ALL are welcome on our campus.

The event above was the Two Minute Talks event held during the week, on Thursday. International and domestic students were able to partake in a type of speed-dating, if you will, but with other cultures. I was invited through my OIA connections to be a representative for Korea, and felt really accepted and respected by everyone in attendance. It was fun and empowering to be able to deliberate (and sometimes argue) with MinKyu (friend in pic) about answers when someone asked what food they should try if they ever go to Korea.

Finding an internship solely dealing with one of your strongest passions is rare, and I am incredibly lucky to have been with the OIA during my senior year. This was the best possible experience I could have found through Temple. Not only do I truly love my work, but I love the people I meet and work with too.

Everyone, please don’t give up on finding your ideal niche! Internships (and jobs) for YOU are out there! If I found mine, anyone can.


  1. Hey Rachel! This is really cool and I’m glad you experienced something you really enjoy. When started college I really wanted to study abroad but being a decade older than most college students I felt like I’d be a little out of place. Plus, I have a ton of responsibilities here in Philly.

    You brought up a good point about social media allowing you to use your skills in art direction and copy writing. I am also on art direction… and I took a copywriting class which I enjoyed very much. I just never linked social media with those majors until seeing your post. Maybe now I’ll think twice when seeing job openings for social media.

    Thanks for the interesting read! Good luck with everything.

  2. Hey Rachel! This sounds like a great experience. I’m looking to find a career in social media as well, and I have had numerous internships. I wish I looked more into Temple itself because this seems like the perfect internship!

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