My Spring 2024 Internship

Hello! My name is Sarah and I'm a senior here at Temple in my second semester.

Sarah Barnes

Hello! My name is Sarah and I’m a senior here at Temple in my second semester. I am majoring in Advertising and focusing in Brand Strategy and Research. This past semester, I’ve been a Social Media Manager at Sircle Media. Sircle is a consumer packaged goods (CPG) advertising agency. A lot of their clients are brands found in Whole Foods and Sprouts. I’ve been tasked with pulling brands and influencers to collaborate with our clients. I’ve also done some reporting tasks to study how our strategy is performing on the client’s socials. I can be seen on some of the client’s social media because I have also assisted in filming and editing user generated content (UGC).

This internship is completely remote and we communicate over Google Chat and Meets. I feel so lucky to have met the people who work at Sircle as I feel like they have taught me so much. Their feedback has been extremely super helpful in assisting me to perfect my craft. I’m really thankful for this experience as I’ve found working in an industry focused agency has shown me that I really am passionate about it!

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