My Time as Digital Media Buying Intern

My name is Juan Graciano and I am a fourth-year student at the Lew Klein College of Media & Communication at Temple University.

My name is Juan Graciano and I am a fourth-year student at the Lew Klein College of Media & Communication at Temple University. I’m an advertising major with a concentration in Media Planning & Account Management. During this Fall Semester, I had the pleasure to intern with LevLane Advertising as their Digital Media Buying intern for a second term. I was their Media Intern during the Summer of 2019.

During my current time at LevLane, I learned a big deal about what it takes to make a campaign flourish.Through the teachings of my manager, I was able to have a better understanding of the different platforms used to achieve optimizations towards a campaign; we focused primarily on Google Display & Video 360 to deliver the best bids into the server. Through the use of this platform, I found my passion for programmatic advertising as there is a lot of planning and strategies needed to deliver the best outcomes for a specific campaign.

I believe the best part of my internship is the fact that everyone was approachable in terms of learning how to do certain things such as planning and budgeting for an upcoming campaign, or working on my LinkedIn for my career development. The experience was quite different from what I was expecting, it wasn’t your traditional 5-hour internship on a desk, but a glimpse into how an agency operates daily.

From this internship, I learned how to become aware of the various channels available for an advertiser, focusing on digital media buying. I put in practice various strategies that are considered as best practices thus, helping me become more aware of what is needed to be successful in the field. LevLane Advertising is unlike no other, an agency that values its employees and interns and aims to make its environment fun and creative to achieve the best results. I thank Temple University for helping me with my career growth and the Career Center on preparing me for the real world.


  1. Hi Juan!
    It is awesome that you were able to keep your internship with LevLane Advertising. With being in the advertising industry, knowing the channels is extremely important as a digital media buyer. By your blog post, it sounds like this opportunity helped you zone in on what you needed to know to be successful. I also believe that being in an environment that allows you to be yourself while being professional makes it less intimidating when in the work place. I hope you had a great experience with LevLane Advertising and I hope you have a great Spring semester!

  2. Hey Juan,
    As someone who also has spent time interning at LevLane, I’d like to second your comment about how approachable everyone is at the agency. They do a great job at treating everyone with dignity and respect, no matter what position you’re at, intern or employee. It reminds me of a big family in that way.

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