My Time At ChatterBlast Media: A Conclusion.

I'm Ifeoma Okafor, you can call me Ify. Like you're iffy about something.

I’m Ifeoma Okafor, you can call me Ify. Like you’re iffy about something. I am approaching my final days as an Advertising Major at Temple University’s Klein College of Media and Communication. My gift is the ability to use my artistic eyes and storytelling skills to make anything look, feel and sound appealing. Therefore, I chose copywriting to be my concentration. Becoming a creative director is the ultimate goal.

After choosing copywriting as my concentration and building up a portfolio that is worth being titled as one, I embarked upon the journey to find an internship and the universe led me to ChatterBlast Media. Ok, so the journey wasn’t THAT easy. Since I chose my concentration at the end of my junior year, there was a lot of self doubt, a lot of let-downs and rejection while I was applying without a finished portfolio. However, I believe that ChatterBlast was exactly where I was suppose to land.

For the past four months, I’ve been a Strategy and Copywriting Junior Blaster and it was a very necessary experience. As a Copywriting Intern for ChatterBlast Media, I was tasked to write blogs, write for client’s social media platforms, film/collaborate in scripting informative videos for clients, brainstorm concepts and ideas for writing tasks and upcoming events for clients.

Meanwhile, as a Strategy Intern, I was tasked with doing research on ChatterBlast clients in the form of audits. I would spend hours scrolling through the Internet for the low-down on different clients and organizations so that our team is equipped with the knowledge needed to come up with the best ideas. My internship with ChatterBlast truly showed me the strength of a great strategy. During my time at ChatterBlast, I used Canva, Excel, Google Doc, Google Calendar, Google Chat, Powerpoint, Harvest and Slack.

My journey with ChatterBlast felt short but it meant a lot. The experience taught me about myself and what I want and don’t want in my future. I learned useful new skills and it heightened my excitement to get out into the world and explore while creating.

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