My Time at LCK Consulting Services

By Collin Kehoe

I lacked clear expectations when looking for an internship initially. A running theme in my life has always been indecisiveness. It was difficult for me to seek out internships until the first class of my fall 2022 semester, when I knew that I wanted to intern for my former professor Keshia Butler-Thomas.

Keshia Butler Thomas, CEO of LCK Consulting Services, was also my social media marketing professor and to this day is one of the best courses I took. The class was so informative and yet was still lively. Halfway towards the semester it was announced by Keshia only two students were to be offered internships. As a competitive person, I knew that this added challenge made me heavily inclined to fill one of those spots. Towards the end of the semester, I approached Keshia and asked her about the internships. She filled me in for a spot to discuss that Wednesday. Opportunities won’t always present themselves, but when they do, take them. Take every opportunity that seems like it could pay off, because even if you fail you still learned something. You gather insight from rejection and discover opportunities for growth.

As a content creator intern, I create content for the business and keep a cumulative list of trends/audios for our clients. I did not expect this to be the original internship as I was more interested in the consulting aspect of the job, but I don’t regret this position. Being a content creator intern allows me to express my creative skills and have work others can see. I carried no Canva skills at first, but as the internship has continued I’ve refined my editing skills more and more over time. Keshia and Madison, my social media manager, give great and constructive feedback satisfying my anxiety of “am I producing the right content?” I never have to worry about being respected because Keshia values respect in her business and having these core values in common has made working for her an enjoyable time. Since the firm is based in New Jersey and I’m in Philly, I do not see the office all the time, but the culture Keshia has created still resonates as a commuter intern. I hope to work for LCK Consulting Services after this spring and grow as employee for the company as I grow as a brand.

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