My Time With OwlSpaces

My internship with OwlSpaces has been the opportunity of a lifetime. Not only have I learned significant real world experience with the advertising knowledge I learned in class, but I have also gained insights into other aspects of the business that allow me to be a more flexible and efficient employee.

OwlSpaces is a student housing company working around Temple University’s main campus. I began my internship with them back in June of 2019. I am a tenant in one of the company’s properties and was going in to drop off my rent, and had a great conversation with my landlord who is the owner of the company. We began talking about what I study at Temple, which led to us talking about what benefits the company could gain by having someone well versed in advertising on the team. After a few more conversations and an interview, my landlord decided to bring me on to the team as an intern, predominantly working on the company’s advertising and marketing, such as running the social media accounts and maintaining the website. As time went on, I was given more duties and taught quite a bit about several other aspects of the business where what I have learned at Temple was a major asset, such as acquiring new tenants and communicating with the city to make sure we have all of our necessary documents and permits in order.

Being on the research and brand strategy track has been extremely helpful with these duties, as it allows me to understand better which students are going to be interested in our apartments and I am able to quickly find information from the city government as needed. The last several months working with OwlSpaces have been incredible, and I look forward to going on full time after graduating!

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