Navigating The Internship World Through A Pandemic!

Overall, my experience at Philly PR Girl has been incredible and eye opening.

 I have had the privilege of being the Marketing and Public Relations Assistant for Philly PR Girl. Although it wasn’t in person due to the pandemic, I made the most of my time at PPRG. Philly PR Girl is located in the heart of Center City, and a full time Public Relations Firm. Before joining this amazing team, I couldn’t wait to finally be a part of an agency and learn everything and anything about  the industry. 

This experience has taught me valuable lessons, tricks, and tips in the agency world, such as creating a really good pitch, what it takes to research the perfect influencers, and helping out with some social media tasks.

This internship has particularly taught me that I have truly found the path I want to take in life. I have so much fun researching different influencers, companies, press contacts and more. I get more and more excited to be learning about the ins and outs of the industry first hand. There are a variety of clients at Philly PR Girl, but over the past 4 months I have gotten to really work with two very interesting and amazing clients. 

Some of the positive aspects that I have learned throughout this experience is that firm life is always a team effort and collaboration will open your mind to different ideas. We would have morning meetings everyday, and I particularly liked these because you would always be kept in the loop, knowing what people are doing on that particular day, and if anyone needs help or a different idea for their client someone would always be willing to help. Another positive aspect that I loved about Philly PR Girl was that the team was always there to help and to teach you how to become better at marketing, pr, social, or graphic design. There were no “stupid” questions or conversations and it was an open atmosphere. Everyone on the team was incredibly passionate about their work. They knew their clients like the back of their hands and were confident in their work, which was super inspiring. Everyone there was also super helpful and supportive of one another, which is something I hope to be able to find again wherever I end up. 

Going into this internship, I had no idea what to expect. I was hoping to focus on research and learn a little bit about everything – which is exactly what I did! I got to learn how to create effective pitches that I was proud of, research some social trends, and even help out with a socially distanced event back in October. I assisted with the Pennsylvania COVID-19 Remembrance Event, which was held on October 23 at Independence Mall. Something I wish I could have done differently would definitely work on more social media and digital projects. Even though I wish I could have touched on different advertising tactics more, I am still excited that I got to learn more about pitches, research, and influencer marketing. 

Some advice that I would give to those looking for an internship would definitely be to try new things. Before my past two internships, I never liked the idea of researching and thought it was incredibly boring. But before I knew it, I couldn’t wait to receive my tasks for the day to know what I was researching this day. Sometimes the searches would be so specific that there wouldn’t be any results, but after reworking and trying different things and really understanding what you were looking for, it became so much easier and pretty fun! 

Overall, my experience at Philly PR Girl has been incredible and eye opening. I have been able to work with genuine, passionate, and incredible people who are always down to help and are super supportive. I wouldn’t have my first full internship any other way!

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  1. Really inspiring story! Philly PR Girl seems to be a very good atmosphere to learn and grow, and be surrounded by powerful women who love what they do! I can only hope to be as lucky to land an internship/position with a brand like this. Congrats on the amazing internship and best of luck on your next!

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