Neighborhood Film Company

I can’t say it much better than they do:

Neighborhood Film Company (NFCo) is a professional production company that uses the process of filmmaking to fight cycles of poverty. By partnering with Project H.O.M.E. (PH) – a non-profit committed to ending homelessness in Philadelphia – NFCo equips residents recovering from homelessness and addiction with the necessary skills to effectively work on mainstream commercials, web adverts, promos, music videos, and short/long form narratives. From Pre-Production through Post-Production, PH Residents work alongside Industry Professionals, thus assuring that quality is never sacrificed and creativity and growth are constantly cultivated. Ultimately, NFCo’s goal is to create competitive visual stories while transforming individuals from a life of marginalization to a life of dreaming, creating, and thriving.” -neighborhood film company

These guys are doing a really great thing, by finding a way to help people and doing what they love. They prove that you really can do what you set your mind to! Check out their “Our Story” below.

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