Never Giving Up

My name is Tony Lim. I am interning at Weston Fitness, a health club in Philadelphia, located at 19th and Market. While working here as a marketing/advertising position, the experience is teaching me many positive things.

A major important thing learned that can be used in the future and everyday life, is never give up. You have to walk around with your head up and realize more doors of opportunities will open up. It may be cliché to say, but I can only share my encounters. As the marketing aspect of the internship, I was assigned to gain wellness partnerships with other businesses and as well as gain members by promoting to people in public. The challenge towards this task was persuading people to be interested in what you have to offer. Realistically, at times, people are simply not interested, too busy, or don’t want to be bothered, etc. to even give you a minute of their time. But after a few no’s, and no thank you’s, as soon as you finally catch that one person who is willing to help you out, you begin to gain confidence, and hope once again. After going from business to business, and getting rejected, I knew after getting my first wellness partnership, I realized that it doesn’t matter if I get rejected. What does matter is if I get back up and keep trying. I can just simply go to another business establishment, and see who else is willing to listen to what I have to offer. There are many opportunities elsewhere, you just have to stay confident, patient, persistent, and most importantly never giving up.

Some of the businesses that I went to to gain partnerships for Weston Fitness members.

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