New and Unexpected Experiences

For the semester I interned at Vizion Group PR, which is a public relations firm that handles all of the media and publicity aspects of the National Dog Show and the APGA Golf Tour. 

Even though I’m not in the field of public relations, I was still able to create a great experience out of my internship. Through this company, I’ve learned the many different ways in which these types of events are publicized to people of interest. 

I’ve curated blog posts, press releases, email campaigns, handled ticketing sales reports, and much more, which definitely helped me gain knowledge of how to stay on top of things involved with PR. Even though I’m new to the target audiences of dog show lovers as well as golf enthusiasts, I was still able to work through the lens of the industry to curate what the audience wants to see, and I enjoyed it as a learning experience. Through this, I was able to grow my abilities within communication to a further stretch from what I was taught. 

The most important thing I’ve learned through this internship goes along with my interests for the future. I believe that with any internship you take, whether it be exciting or challenging, it can definitely help guide you to what you are looking for in a future career. Broadening your experiences, whether they be in your best interests or not, helps bring you more awareness and knowledge of your own capabilities. 

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