New Identity Design: ‘All About Tea’

The agency Moving Brands, created this new identity for “All About Tea” based in Portsmouth, UK.

Their execution makes sense based on the brief: “Moving Brands were tasked with creating a new identity that would stand out in a “sea of sameness.” The identity needed to work effectively across their existing wholesale market, and enable them to grow into retail channels. It was also vital to communicate the founder’s passion for the art and intricacies of tea.”

I think this new identity will definitely stand out from the typical deco-design style tea packaging that clutters the shelves. I like that they kind of look like big bags of medicinal supplies.

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  1. This is kind of a funny one. When I think of tea, I think of something that has such an extensive history. I think of the tradition behind how the Japanese drink green tea, I think of people in France and England in the 1700s using elaborate china sets, I think of tea as something people have used for herbal remedies for thousands of years. What I really think of when I think of tea is the earth; when you buy tea, you’re basically buying a bunch of leaves. Coffee is still very ‘of the earth’, but it’s more processed than tea, and you have to grind it, etc. just to be able to drink it, whereas tea is just leaves in hot water, sometimes not even in a tea bag.

    I thought this different take on tea was interesting but completely unappealing on a practical level. This design makes me pause to look at it, but there is no way I would really want to buy it. It takes that home-y, natural feeling I associate with tea and doesn’t actually transform it into something else, it only leaves me flat. Making the packaging so clinical doesn’t tell me a story. I think there is potential, however, in giving tea a modern edge. For one thing, tea is the zenith of simplicity. I think I would enjoy some elegant photos of someone consuming tea amongst modern architecture or furniture, or something like that more.

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