Nine Dots but 10/10 Experience

Hi! My name is Veronica Restrepo and I am currently a sophomore Advertising major with a double concentration in Art Direction and Brand Strategy & Research and a minor in Digital Marketing. This was my first internship and I was a marketing intern. Nine dots is a media agency in Center City that focuses on creative marketing and content creation. As you can tell, a lot of fields within advertising interest me, I was very open to any experience possible to help decide which path I wanted to go down with advertising. Interning at Nine Dots helped me discover how the creatives work in an agency versus the marketing side of an agency.

Especially since this was my first real experience in the industry, I gained a lot of insight into what I really liked and what I did not like as much. What I loved about Nine Dots is that the company celebrates creativity and being relevant today. Whatever company I work for in the future better have that attention to creativity because it makes every project interesting for me, especially having that art direction side.

Even though I loved the relaxed and creative atmosphere of Nine Dots, I do not think an agency is for me. A few of the clients that we worked with included ones like Firstrust Bank and Man With A Van. Instead of doing little projects for clients here and there that do not really interest me, I would love to stick with a company that I am passionate about and do some kind of creative marketing with them. However, I know I have to keep an open mind as I am still young and could change paths at any moment!

Being at a company that small, I worked closely with the creatives, like the animation intern or video intern. I loved working in that close-knit environment to see how projects came together to see how they worked for the same clients as I would, just in different aspects. I loved the experiences I gained in marketing which helped me define if I would like to continue with a digital marketing minor or not. I learned a lot of useful things like how to manage Mailchimp, Hootsuite, and Hubspot. I definitely felt inspired by the creative atmosphere that I could incorporate into the analytics and marketing aspects.

Overall, it was a great experience for my first internship! Working closely with the other interns helped me gain a wide look into the industry, which I was not expecting. I was worried that my position would be to marketing focused. However, I got to do work with social media for instance, which I love and definitely incorporates the creative side that I am passionate about. I am glad this was my first look into the industry to be able to ask plenty of questions and learn a lot about what not only what I want to do, but what everyone else does in the industry to be prepared when going into bigger companies in the future. I am so thankful for this experience and my supporting boss Geoffrey Klein and other interns who let me flourish and work hard in this setting.

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