Not all Designers Design

Media DEI is way more than an Internship.

As I type this I recount on all the times that I had to describe what I am doing in my internship to someone either in my family or a new friend. Everytime I do, their eyes widen and they become very curious and even more interested than before. Thanks to the internship’s outlandish recruiting style I have gotten to learn and get my hands on things that I definitely would have never bothered to know.


If you don’t know by now, I work for a website building company that specializes in Classical Design. We’re called Media DEI and we’re located in Center City on 19th and Market street. The CEO is also my mentor as the company itself is very small. There are 8 other interns that help with accounting and event planning, etc. and I’m the design intern.


With the daily routine consisting of over 12 articles and 5, hour-long videos, I don’t do much design work. I rarely get to open any adobe apps and when I do, I am very relieved from the reading. Up until about Wednesday of last week I was on the “Classical Design Module” for interns and as of now I am on the Steve Jobs Module. This module takes me deep into Steve Job’s life from the start of Apple all the way through what it is today. The CEO wants me to absorb the information and lessons Jobs has to teach and meanwhile take a page or two from his notes on design in the process.


When it comes to who inspired me, if there are any new fields that I want to pursue, and the overall experience itself; I couldn’t have gotten a better chance to learn, grow and develop as a designer if it were not for James, (The CEO) and Media DEI allowing me to do so. I even believe that Temple should include a Classical Design class here. I bet that my boss would love to be considered in the process as an instructor.


Since I started fully understanding where the company is headed and the power it has over all other website building services I decided to become a full time member of Media DEI. I was offered the job about a week ago and I contemplated if it would be worth my Summer to keep working there and after long thought, I decided to pursue it.


Hopefully I will be the CMO after all is said and done 2-3 years from now but I will do my best to help the company grow and develop as it did for me.

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