Not for the Faint of “Hart”……..

Now as an advertising student, it’s one thing to learn about advertising through the great textbooks we read every semester and through the wonderful mock campaigns that we creatively accomplish (including the hours we spend creating such advertisements). But it gives everything you’ve learned a whole new meaning you are actually doing it in a live agency. I got a great taste of that on my 1st day at LevLane Advertising as a Traffic and Production Coordinator Intern. Let me tell ya. My first day was NOT for the faint of “Hart” to say the least. I came in on one of the busiest days in the agency and from the time I put my belongings down, I was following around the traffic and production coordinator around like a puppy on a string! From taking mental (and physical) notes on what & how to do what she did, to shaking hands, meeting people and learning new names, it was INSANE! But I must say, I learned the most that day. I say this because believe it or not, that is exactly how I learn. I am a VERY visual person and I have always learned by doing. This goes ESPECIALLY for directions. If I visit somewhere for the 1st time, I have no idea where I’m going (of course). But if I ever come back to the same area, I can have a decent sense of direction based on the area of the location and what buildings are where, etc. But I digress.

When it comes to LevLane, there is honestly never a time that I am sitting still in the office. I am always moving around, searching for files (agency jobs) and taking files to and from department to department and all other people in between. Before taking on the position, I took a little time to research the actual workload. At first I thought that trafficking was a waste of time due to the fact that technology has replaced a lot of the file keeping and would keep production flowing. But after my few weeks at LevLane I now understand the KEY importance to the traffic and production department. Collaboration is KEY in advertising. The Trafficking department keeps that going and makes it work that much better. As my supervisor (Traffic and Production Coordinator), Donna Pangione, said before, “think of it like this. We ARE the quarterback of the agency and all of its operations.”

I know now and understand EXACTLY what she means.

Thanks Donna & Thank You LevLane.

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