Not just Marching for coffee

Three weeks ago I began my internship at March of Dimes, the non-profit organization that is fighting to prevent preterm births.  As the nerves started to kick in, I gathered information from other friends who have had internships in the past.  Most of their experiences had me all shook up saying things such as, “The most work I did, going to get coffee every hour,” or “I hope you love excel.”  Needless to say, I did not know what to expect.  And so I walked in on my first day of work with an open mind and an anxious attitude.

The minute I got there, nothing but positive attitudes surrounded me.

All of my now co-workers were eager to get me started, especially my supervisor and community director, Joanne Marder.  Joanne and I clicked within seconds, and introduced me into the auction committee for the Signature Chefs Auction.  The auction committee is responsible for doing community outreach via e-mailing, direct mail, and calling potential donors.  Joanne put me to task and I began to deliver.  Working with Joanne is a refreshing opposite of what friends have told me.  She allows me to experience first hand how and what to say to engage a potential donation or sponsorship.  She never excludes me from an important detail or mistake one should know.  In the three weeks I have been there, I have learned more about myself, the business, and the purpose of non-profit organizations.  I am surely looking forward to what’s to come at March of Dimes this summer.

The only coffee I go marching for is my own to get the day started-                                                                                                                                                                                                 but I will say, I would be glad to pour a cup for anyone here at March of Dimes.



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  1. I thought that I would simply be running errands too, expecting to have to go on coffee trips, gathering papers from the printer, scanning/copying things but I actually haven’t had to do any of that! I am getting real work, some of which is even being published or sent to an art department to make reality. I guess we lucked out.

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