I’m Colleen and I’m currently serving as an intern at Tai Y. Wong Law Offices in Center City. While here I’m going to be their advertising representative. When I was first offered this internship I was a little hesitant about an internship with a law firm. I had never really been interested in the legal world and the dealings around it. But, I knew others that previously served as interns there and they told me that it was an amazing experience. So, I decided to trust them.

During my first week, I learned that all of my previous notions about law firm advertising were wrong. Working with my boss, Tai Y. Wong or TY has been an incredible experience. TY is not like other lawyers. He is both a doctor and a lawyer. He deals with medical malpractice cases. To top it off, he also has a creative background in both photography and architecture. So when creating his advertisements, he has a keen eye for what looks good and unique.

When I first started to create advertisements with TY, he was always emphasizing the fact that he wanted his ads to stand out and be simplistic. While TY generally knew what he wanted on the advertisements, I was usually given a good amount of creative freedom. Serving as an intern here so far has been incredible and not at all what I expected. I’ve learned so much more than I imagined and am excited to see what the rest of this summer holds.