OK! Magazine is More Than OK!

Right when I walked into the office on the 4th floor of the 44th and 6th ave. office of OK! Magazine, I knew it was the place I wanted to be.
As a web intern at OK! Magazine, I feel right like a true employee. I had interviewed at Cosmopolitan Magazine also and knew that I did not want to be in an internship program, I wanted to get as much real world experience as I possibly can. At OK! I have my own desk, my own duties and write my own stories. The freedom I have there I never thought would be possible in an internship and I am so grateful to have it.
Although I obviously am an advertising major, I applied for the web internship knowing I did like to write and that I do want to be in the magazine business. Oh and it kind of helps that I am celebrity OBSESSED.
Each day, when I arrive, there are photo galleries on the OK! server and I edit them and upload them through wordpress. I then write a “story” to go with the pictures. Essentially, I give an elaborate rundown on what the pictures are about and maybe give a little insight on what’s going on with that celebrity lately and what they’re up to. Here’s an example of one I wrote.

I have also been lucky enough to interview a few celebrities and have my stories published on the website with my own byline, which is pretty cool! I’ve interviewed Lo Bosworth from MTV’s The Hills, Singer Jewel and TV star, Melissa Joan Hart.

I am so grateful for all the amazing opportunities I have been given at OK!, it is awesome to say the least. I can’t wait for what’s to come since I’ll be staying for the summer…and as long as they will have me! I have learned to much about the magazine business and gotten to meet so many awesome people I cannot thank OK! enough!

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