I checked out the back cover of the new Rolling Stone and I did a double take. It was the Orbit stewardess/flight attendant (gum attendant?) stripped down, without really being stripped down. The tag line reads “Unwrapped? Fabulous” with the following copy: “Unwrap the new Orbit packs to reveal something surprising underneath.” Cool idea. So I’m about to scan it and the special gatefold on the front cover pops out and there’s another ad for Orbit. Even better… and I almost missed it.

The only place I can think of seeing something like this is old vinyl sleeves (records). This type of ‘effect’ was common back then. From what I remember about the commercials, I do like the consistency of the “Dirty Mouth” campaign. I’m not sure how these particular ads would translate to TV, but there are possibilities.

Rolling Stone

June 2010