Peer to Peer Networking

As a double major in Media Studies and Production and Advertising I wanted to find an internship that could effectively blend together both of these skills. In the fall, I had been camera operating live sports games for Temple University as part of their sports production crew. I had asked around the network of college and questioned if there was a different role I could take on to use my graphic design abilities. My director at the time informed me of Temple’s creative marketing team that fused both advertising and media together. I sent an email with my attached portfolio and the rest is history.

My role in the department is extensive using photography, film and editing skills but also coming up with better ways to showcase the athletes and their respective sport.

During my internship, a typical work assignment entails capturing videos and films for a specific sport, often in collaboration with a team of 3-4 individuals. Effective communication is crucial in determining each member’s designated responsibilities for capturing photography and film at specific times, based on their unique strengths. Above is a sample of my work from the Volleyball tournament that I covered, which included approximately 10 videos. Initially, I captured around 1,000 photos, which I then meticulously sorted through to identify 100-200 high-quality, in-frame images. The images then underwent the editing process utilizing Lightroom. After the images were edited, they were uploaded to a designated folder, which was labeled with my name. Additionally, two distinct folders were created within the event folder to segregate video and photo files. Finally, as a mandatory practice, the interns are required to report to Paige, our media coordinator, after completing the tasks.

My suggestions for people trying to find an internship is to leverage your existing network by asking for referrals or recommendations from people you know or work with. Not only should you be verbalizing the work that you see yourself doing, but learn about other people and their professional journeys. During my time at the internship, I met a lot of individuals who come from multidisciplinary backgrounds which broadens my network of connections. Indeed, networking with peers can be an excellent way to celebrate and foster professional growth and development. When starting out, peers can provide valuable insights into the industry, share their experiences and knowledge, and offer a unique perspective that complements your own.

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