People for Bikes Campaign

Before I dig into these ads with my thoughts, I want to say that I fully support this cause. Philadelphia is notorious for being very unfriendly to it’s large bike population. We completely lack bike lanes which are crucial to safety, and we suffer from pothole-itis because of Penndot’s work ethic. Not to mention cab drivers and every badass on broad street wants to run us off the road because we aren’t moving 60 miles per hour.

Imagine what bike lanes could do in Philadelphia.

This campaign is really inspiring. There’s my critique.

Campaign created by Colle + Mcvoy, and congratulations, you really did the job right. I signed the petition at people for bikes.





  1. I support this, but at the same time I’m not going to sign anything. I feel I would be endangering the lives of tiny bikers everywhere as they traverse my hazardous inscription.

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