Philadelphia 76ers Intern

Hello all

I got the amazing opportunity to intern for the philadelphia 76ers in the camps department. I started in early may and came in beyond scared. I wanted this internship so badly, I applied for months before I actually got the position. I always knew that this was what I wanted and needed to get my foot in the door in pursuing my dream of working for the NBA. Coming in and meeting the director for the whole basketball camps was…..scary. He is a very stern and strong individual, at first I was scared to even talk to him, I just wanted to prove I was doing a good job. Eventually I got comfortable and he got comfortable with me and began trusting me with my work. being here I have met people who started from where I am at now, in college, interning, trying to find themselves and end up landing a great job here, they told me to just keeping working hard. They have all welcomed me, made me feel comfortable and inspired. If I got the internship I truly believe I can get a job here, or somewhere I desire. It isnt easy all the time, and its very fast paced, you have to catch on quick, the phones are always ringing, there is always something to do, but through it all its exciting and a learning process. Its taught me so much being here, and I have made great connections. I am indeed sad that I will be leaving soon, but I believe that from my time now until then I will have the experience I need to make another major step in my life.


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