Philadelphia Design Home Event

One of my most recent projects at Barilotti Wealth Strategies was organizing an event for Philadelphia Design Home in Villanova, PA. One of my colleagues, Jeffrey Orleans, is the Chief Executive Officer of J.P. Orleans Development, LLC, and is a third generation homebuilder. Jeff is the developer of the design home so he bought the land, helped to design the home and hired the general contractor who worked with the others in order to build it. In fact, Jeff originally built the home with the intention of it being his, but later on decided to sell it. The networking event was meant to show off the home as well as create networking opportunities for all the guests in attendance. My job was to first, design the event invite. I then sent it out to a specific list of contacts. From there I would compile the Yes’s/No’s/Maybe’s into an Excel Spreadsheet and send each person last minute reminders and details. I was also the point of contact for the caterer. When the night of the event came, I helped set up and made sure everything ran smoothly. My main priority, however, was taking care of social media. I had my boss connect her Instagram to her twitter and throughout the night I would take pictures of the home to show it off as best I could. Then I would write something either clever or informational to go along with the pictures and tag the various companies who contributed to making the house come to life. Overall it was a great night. Not only was the home absolutely beautiful, but I also got to see all my hard work unfold into a successful event. It was also nice to meet some of Christy’s clients and friends whom I’ve talked to on the phone many times but had never met in person. I felt very accomplished at the end of it all.

Here is a video with Jeffrey Orleans showing the home! 

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