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Hi! My name is Mary and I am one of the few Advertising Sales interns at Philadelphia magazine. I am a rising Junior majoring in advertising. Next semester I will be on the account management track.
I have always been an avid reader of magazines, but I have never been an active reader of Philadelphia magazine before applying. I ended up applying for Philadelphia magazine last-minute without any expectations. I had  high hopes of receiving an interview and soon enough I got it! I had no experience in any other internship work, but thought it would be a great start to learn about the magazine industry. I was clueless how the industry ran before coming into work. Everything was overwhelming at first with the 9-5 hours sitting in my own cubby with a computer.
The idea of working for Philadelphia magazine became surreal when I saw my name listed in the magazine under the intern section. Since then I cherish every day working there. Interning should be fun and I have learned so much from this experience so far! Most of the girls that intern and work with me in my department are around my age. Some of them received jobs right after college or grad school after interning with Philadelphia magazine while others got lucky. So it gives me a great opportunity to receive input and recommendations from them. One of the girls I intern with recently interned with Teen Vogue over the summer in the marketing department and it’s insightful learning how that experience was for her. Her tasks were very different because of the magazine’s popularity and exposure. It’s a dream to work for a magazine like Teen Vogue one day.  It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. I am only six weeks in interning with Philadelphia magazine, but I am more determined and focused to pursue a future career in the magazine industry.
I recommend to anyone looking for an internship to apply for an internship you see yourself working at in the future. Connections and networking are going to get you far. By having the knowledge and experience you gain a step up over others with no experience. Otherwise have fun and always have a positive attitude!

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  1. Having your name printed on the masthead is so exciting, congrats! I interned as a graphic design intern at a small magazine last summer and experience similar excitement. Seeing your name printed is comparable to babysteps to feeling like a “real” person. I also have dreams of working at a major magazine, however I would prefer to be on the creative side (layout/art direction). Maybe I’ll look into Philadelphia Magazine for starters.

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