Philly mag in the Phall

As school is fast approaching, I am lucky enough to continue my internship through the fall at Philadelphia magazine. The project that I have been working on, since the beginning of May, is soon launching on the Design Home website and I could not be more excited. Although the next two weeks will be hectic, I know that all of the hard work will pay off once I actually see the virtual aspect of Design Home! I will be attending the Design Home launch party in September, and all of the clients that I have been communicating with will be there. I will get to put a face to the person that I have been contacting for the past couple of months. I am really looking forward to that!

Once the project wraps up, I will continue to be a sales intern. It is not a long project based job, but more of day-to-day tasks. This includes many different same jobs that correlate with the sales assistants who are working there now. I have already been trained as a sales intern because when my project in the summer was slow I did a lot of things for the sales assistants. Some of the tasks include updating the media kit, fact checking ads, verifying clients contact information, mailings in the masses, etc. When working as a sales intern, I have definitely learned a lot about the client to account executive to sales assistant communication.

I am definitely you looking forward to what is ahead the next couple of weeks with Design Home as well as what is to come for the fall!



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