PR to Account Management

I have been interning in the account management department at the Brownstein Group since January.  Up until early June, my desk was located in the PR department.  In June, Brownstein decided to get new furniture in various departments and trade their cubicles for smaller desks.  For one, it made sense to get the new furniture, because it came from one of their clients, IKEA.  The main reason Brownstein removed the cubicles was to create open spaces in the agency.  What used to be closed off areas for each person became big rooms where communication is  easier.

Because of this, there was enough room for myself and the other account management intern to move into the account management department.  Moving into the account management department helped me better understand what the account executives do on a daily basis.  I could overhear client conversations and see just how much they run around the office throughout the day. 

It was also interesting because I noticed account management and PR work with different clients.  The PR department works with clients that may not necessarily need account management, or any other department for that matter, and vice versa.  For instance, during the first month of my internship, the PR department was constantly on the phone with people from the Philadelphia Auto Show.  I never heard account management talk about the Auto Show.  PR does have some clients separate from other departments, but they do work closely with other departments for many of Brownstein’s accounts.  Being located in two different departments has helped me better understand all of the different tasks people at Brownstein complete everyday.

Carly Ambrose

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