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Hello! My name is Stephanie DeLorenzo and I am currently interning at Allied-THA in Center City. So far, it has been one of the most fun and valuable experiences of my life. Allied-THA is a marketing agency that promotes films from major motion picture studios. There are many office across the country, but I am working at the office that specializes in promotions in the Philadelphia area. I am working as a publicity and promotions intern for the Paramount Pictures accounts (but I still get to dabble with a bunch of other studios when help is needed). The publicists I work with are extremely knowledgeable about their fields and are always teaching me new and exciting things about the business. During this internship, you are allowed to sign up to work a wide array of events and advanced screenings of movies before they get released to theaters.

The first advanced screening I worked was for the new hit show called “The Blacklist” on NBC. It aired at a local Philadelphia theater a couple weeks before it aired on television and a large amount of people turned up to tune in. I was in charge of collecting all of the tickets as people walked in. This might sound boring to you, but it’s far from boring when you had to wear a black trench coat and a black hat while doing so (this costume is what the main character of the show wears). Everyone had such a positive reaction to it and I didn’t mind celebrating Halloween a little earlier than usual, either. After the Pilot episode concluded, I was in charge of handing out free promotional items to people, and taking pictures of attendees being interviewed by NBC officials who were there to get reactions to the show’s premiere.

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Probably my favorite events that I helped to plan and execute occurred when I helped promote the film JACKASS PRESENTS: BAD GRANDPA on Temple’s campus. You might have seen me at the Homecoming pep rally, the Homecoming game tailgate, or at Maxi’s handing out free promotional items like beer pong sets, posters, koozies, shot glasses, bottle openers, and toilet paper (yes, toilet paper) with Johnny Knoxville’s face on it. Another Temple student, who also interns at Allied, and I were on the street team for the film. This was probably the most fun I’ve had this far during my time with Allied because we got to promote a super fun film around a place that we know best. It was exciting to get kids excited about the film before it hit theaters. We hosted a beer pong night at Maxi’s and a Bad Grandpa Bingo Night at Pub Webb which were both huge hits – the winners were rewarded with a bunch of free stuff, including passes to see the film before it came out. We were also present during Homecoming weekend festivities when Temple’s atmosphere was full of life and enthusiasm.

So far, I am having the time of my life at Allied-THA. The office environment is full of creativity and laughs on a daily basis, and I am constantly learning how to better myself every Tuesday and Thursday that I’m in the office. This internship is extremely fun and challenging, and that’s what makes it so great. You get to try things and meet people you normally wouldn’t of. It is hands down a line of work that I can see myself being apart of for a long time.

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  1. I love that you were able to do this internship! I worked in Los Angeles doing similar jobs at Paramount Studios and Warner Brothers and it’s such a great way to keep things constantly changing. Working with creative types (especially those in the entertainment field) is such a plus too! If this is something you would like to keep doing, head to L.A! It is such a great place to live!

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