Prospecting In My Internship

One of my roles in my internship is to prospect for potential clients for First Finish.

First Finish is a general contractor that specializes in hotel renovations across the country.

In my internship I have had a few separate roles. One of my roles is to prospect for potential clients for First Finish. Above is a random example of research I have found when trying to find the owner of a specific hotel.

I was given a list of hotels and told to find their owners and reach out to them. In many cases, it is difficult to find who the owner of a specific hotel is. When reaching out to these owners, I am not trying to sell them on First Finish’s services. My goal is to set up a meeting with our head of sales. This job can be tricky because in many cases it is difficult to get a reply from some of the prospects. Even though I am not selling them anything, I have learned a lot about what its like to be a business to business salesman. There are plenty of rejections involved but every sale made is a super gratifying feeling.

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