Putting my addictions to work!

This summer I started interning at JahRock’n Productions. JahRock’n Productions is a media company located in New York. You can visit their site at www.jahrockn.com.

Part of my job as a marketing intern for JahRock’n was to control the social media for the company. Boy, was I glad that I was in charge of that! I absolutely love tweeting, youtubing, and facebooking. I do it a lot on my personal accounts..I guess you can call me an addict. I even had two Twitter accounts at once…not one, but two. So being able to tweet, facebook, and youtube, as part of my job was something that I was very excited about! Of course it would be a little different because the statuses and information I posted would have to pertain to JahRock’n but, I was still happy.

Being in charge of the social  media made me think about getting a job in social media after college.  I never really thought about going into social media until I really enjoyed doing social media marketing with JahRock’n. I learned different ways to reach your target audience through things like the search bar in Twitter and the hash tag symbol. For example, when I wanted to find music artists on Twitter, to tell them about the music production services that JahRock’n offers, I would go in the search bar and write something like: “#musicartists” , “#aspiringmusicartists”, “#beats”, “#studiotime” , etc and Twitter will show me all users that have tweeted about those things or something similar. It made it easier for me to find people who are interested in or are talking about subjects relevant to JahRock’n and I was able to reach out to them and talk to them about the company and by doing that, I acquired new followers, fans, and clients for JahRock’n.

I never used social media sites in a business way like this and I thought it was pretty cool. I wouldn’t mind doing this for a living! Just talking to people who have an interest in what you do and persuading them to follow you, support you, and buy the services you are offering is something fun to me. Because of this internship, I am seriously looking into social media jobs after college!

-Shani Cassells

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