Real Estate Advertising and Change

Real Estate advertising can almost be an entity all to itself.  It seems that once a realtor finds a system that works for them, there is not much change.  Yes, as new mediums become prevalent, such as online vs. print, the location of advertising shifts, but in terms of format there is not change.  There is a standard used to advertise a property.  Anyone who has ever looked at the real estate section of the newspaper can tell you this.  All the ads look the same, a picture of a property followed by a brief description including details such as square footage, rooms, beds/baths, and a few other details including the price.  This is an industry standard that doesn’t change much.  Most agents advertise themselves as well, once again following a standard.  It seems that while the location of ads may be different, the ads themselves all look the same, and for the most part look just like a blown up business card, occasionally containing a line of copy.

What can change from realtor to realtor is the organization behind advertising.  The approach behind real estate advertising seems to be what makes the difference.  In order to be successful, one must understand their market, as well as not just the property, but the town and area surrounding the property.  Additionally, one must understand their target client.  This is what makes the difference in this competitive sales market.

While a physical change may not be seen in real estate advertising, a change in strategy can.  It is more important to have an extensive knowledge and understanding of strategy then it is to have the most creative ad when selling real estate.

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