Hello! My name is Hannah Baker, and I am a junior at Temple University where I am studying Advertising with an art direction concentration.

This semester, I’ve been working as a graphic designer at Table95 Restaurant Management Group, an 18 restaurant, $30 million hospitality company that manages nine unique brands. As one of three designers for the brands, I’ve had the opportunity to work on important pieces, including menus and entire campaigns.

When I was first offered the position I was skeptical if this job would give me the opportunity to really learn and expand my portfolio since it’s such a small department. I’m so happy to say this isn’t the case and share with you all my biggest takeaways from my experience

1. The Daunting Adobe Suite

Through my time at Table95 I’ve learned so much about the Adobe Suite. Classes that teach these complicated programs are integrated into the curriculum of Temple’s Advertising Program. While they developed my basic understanding, getting real-world experience, and working in the suite every day made me a much stronger designer.


2. Time Management Is Important & (Probably) Always Will Be

Juggling 40 hours a week working in graphic design and a full course load has taught me that time management is everything. I’ve learned how to efficiently meet deadlines, and make the most of my time.  I learned that waking up before 8 am every morning made my days longer and I could get a lot more done. These lessons in time management I will take with me in my future career as a designer.


3. Mentors are Everything

My biggest takeaway from working at Table95 is the professional relationship I have developed with my creative director. As someone new to the industry, I really benefited from his creative advice on not only my work for the company, but also my personal resume and portfolio. His willingness to share his network with me and introduce me to successful designers has given me more industry knowledge, made me comfortable networking, and helped me develop as a designer.