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Hello! My name is Adam Libon and I intern with Red Bull Records. Red Bull Records is a small indie label based in Los Angeles, CA. I am one of about forty “Campus Reps” and I’m the only person in the Philadelphia area working for them. What I do is advertising and promote the four bands on the label and the label itself. When I tell people about the bands and the label they usually never heard of them but they sound intrigued.

There are some positive aspects that I have discovered while working for Red Bull. One of them is that unlike the perception of the music industry, Red Bull cares about the bands that they have on their roster. They are doing a lot of different things to get the bands more recognition and more power behind their names. And I’m happy that I can help with that process. Another that I like is that they encourage us to take risks. There really isn’t too much direction. They do give us some tasks to do but a lot of is up to the individual in the market. Some markets might be bigger than others so that requires more promotions and advertising. Some might be smaller so it requires less. Each city has its own identity and luckily Philly has a very unique one. But as long as the market gets introduced to the bands and the label itself Red Bull will be happy. They also encourage the interns to ask questions. Every Friday we have a conference call and there is a good twenty minutes of questions from the interns. They see this a learning process because one intern can learn from the other so they can apply same tactics in their market.

Overall, I’m enjoying my experience so far. I don’t have any complaints with it and they have been commending me for my social media work.

If you are interested check out some of the bands:



Twin Atlantic:


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