Red Tettemer and O’Connell + Partners

I’ve been working at Red for a little more than two months now.  There are many perks of the agency and one of them is the view from the top floor of the Widner Building in Philly.  The environment of the office is also inspiring and the occasional dog or cat strolling around is always a plus.

My role as an intern is to help out the broadcast department with editing and preparing media to be used in a video.  I regularly edited videos for a social media platform that Under Armour. This social media platform is a community that encourages other women to set goals when working out (you can check more out at  Interacting with the Broadcast department and being involved in the social media platform has given me insight to how social media is being integrated into marketing various strategies.

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Being a double-major in Advertising and Film has always opened up new career paths.  However, having too many options can be confusing and I believe that this internship has helped me weed out the paths I do not want to take and learn more about the career paths I would likely pursue.

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