Reign Athletics Cheer: A Journey with Account Management

Embarking on my internship at Reign Athletics Cheer has been an amazing journey!

Embarking on my internship at Reign Athletics Cheer has been an amazing journey! Based out of New Jersey, Reign Athletics is not just a cheer leading gym; it’s a vibrant community where children learn, grow, and thrive under passionate coaches.

Lessons and Insights: My internship has been a learning experience, offering insights into the cheerleading industry and successful business operations. From customer satisfaction to dedicated coaching, I’ve learned the ins and outs of the business. Running their socials has allowed me to truly understand their audience and more importantly how to engage with them.

Determination and Specialization: Immersed in Reign Athletics’ operations, I’ve developed a determination to explore sports and event management further after graduation. My role here has given me a newfound respect and interest for organization and promotion of events.

Discovering Positive Aspects: Beyond cheerleading lessons, I’ve witnessed a culture of inclusivity and community engagement, impacting young lives positively. It’s been something I think I’m now passionate about more than ever and desire for my future workplace environments.

Inspiring Individuals: Meeting individuals at Reign Athletics, from the visionary owner to committed coaches, has been inspiring. Their dedication has motivated me to make strives forward for my own videography business.

Expectations vs. Reality: My internship surpassed expectations. The supportive environment and hands-on learning opportunities make me much more confident in my account management skills.

Advice for Future Interns: Future interns should embrace every opportunity, ask questions, and cherish every moment. I feel looking to others for guidance and learn how they were able to succeed along with forming that connection is a great way to really get ahead in whatever industry you want to pursue.

Gained Experience: From social media management to customer satisfaction insights, my internship equipped me with valuable skills and experiences. I think I am much better equipped to run an account page for a business and work towards organizing/promoting these different events that arise.


  1. Jeffery- I appreciated learning about how work at Reign Athletics Cheer has moved beyond simple cheerleading and transformed into community engagement. It’s wonderful to see how advertising and social media can transform into something that truly makes an impact on those in our community. In my opinion, this is why jobs in advertising are of the utmost importance. I’m so happy that you were able to participate in such a valuable experience!

  2. Hi Jeffrey,
    It’s very cool that you found a niche opportunity at a cheerleading gym. I had a similar internship experience working with an organization’s social media, and I also found it to be a valuable opportunity to learn how to engage with specific audiences, promote events, organize content, and understand the ins and outs of a specific business. Like you, I also found that my experience surpassed initial expectations. Your advice to future interns is valuable; every opportunity certainly is a chance to learn something new and make meaningful connections.

  3. Hi Jeffery- Your internship journey at Reign Athletics sounds truly enriching! It’s inspiring to hear how you’ve gained valuable insights into the cheerleading industry and business operations. Your newfound interest in sports and event management speaks volumes about the impact of your experience at Reign and like you my internship exceeded expectations. Your advice for future interns to embrace every opportunity and seek guidance is spot on and I gave similar advice in my post. It’s clear that you’ve made the most of your time at Reign Athletics, and I’m sure you’ll carry these skills and experiences forward into your future endeavors. Good luck in the future!

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