Relationships Are Everything

Hi my name is Colleen and I’m currently serving as an intern at Tai Y. Wong Law Offices. One of the biggest things I’ve learned during my internship at Tai Y. Wong Law Offices is that building and keeping relationships is a big part of any business. I’ve also learned that building and maintaining relationships is certainly a skill that will come in handy in any career path. But it is definitely a skill worth having within the advertising world.

I have seen from both the client side and advertising agency side how good relationships can be beneficial. From the client side it is beneficial because working with the same advertising company and representative allows you to create a relationship with someone who understands your company. They know what you want for your company, the aesthetic you have and who you are trying to reach. It allows for you as the client to feel more confident about where you are advertising your business.

As for the advertising company, it is extremely important to make great relationships with clients. The more strong relationships you maintain with your clients, the more clients will return to you. Clients will tend to advertise through the same company and representative because they trust you.

So, it’s clear that building and maintaining relationships are important on both ends of the advertising world. On the flip side as well, it is definitely important not to burn ties with clients or advertising companies because you never know if you cross paths with that person again down the road. So, a definite life lesson I have learned through this experience is to always maintain relationships, because these relationships can be helpful in the long run.


  1. I totally agree with you on this, Colleen. You have to build relationships no matter what business you’re in. And you definitely can’t burn bridges just because you leave a company, or because you find that you don’t like someone. Everyone is connected, especially in the advertising world, and if you burn ties with someone, you never know how that may affect you in your future endeavors.

  2. I most certainly agree with you Colleen. The most important thing in a work place is making a relationship with your employees and clients. If you find that connection, it makes work a lot easier to cope with, as for clients it gives them this reliable/ trustworthy relationship. It also makes life easier when you make that impression on clients because Milana is right, everyone knows everyone. It is key to never burn bridges, always make mends or work through the tough situations you may encounter. But this is not only important in a work place, it is important with life in general.

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