Reporting Live From CBS News…

Okay, so I know the title may sound misleading and you may think I am a news reporter but I actually have a better position and that’s being a sales intern at CBS 3! After applying to thousands of positions relating to sales and marketing at various companies, I was luckily chosen by CBS 3 to be a part of their team as an intern for the Spring semester. Being an intern at a television station has given me a deeper look into what goes on behind the scenes of a station and discovering the many departments that maintain the company’s operation. In my area, the sales department, I am surrounded by Account Executives who are basically the “meat and potatoes” of the station. The Account Execs generate a huge portion of the revenue for the station making them a very valuable and admirable group. Every day that I am there I learn something new from their experiences and appreciate their willingness to give me insight into the industry. When I am assigned tasks it’s not just faxing or copying–I’m actually doing REAL work. Upon starting the internship I was not sure how little or how much I’d actually perform beneficial tasks but turns out that I have been responsible for some pretty important things. Having that responsibility builds my confidence even more and prepares me for the real world. So far, I have created  power point slides for client pitches and presentations, researched different companies for prospects, accompanied reps to client meetings, attended department meetings and the list goes on- (oh, I also forgot to mention how extremely delightful, and pleasant EVERYONE is as well!).  Even when there are slow moments, I will explore different areas just to get a feel and understanding of the numerous roles within the station. Having this experience at CBS 3 definitely confirms that this is the industry for me. I enjoy being involved with media and I truly hope to pursue a position within this field!

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